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Last tango in little grimley

by David Tristram
1 Nov – 23 Nov

Welcome to a guest performance in English of
“Last Tango in Little Grimley”.
A screamingly funny, very British-style, riotous comedy being hosted by HIT, House of International Theatre.

About the play:
A local Dramatic Club’s desperate group of actors realise their failing theatre group is faced by a grim future and choose a play to put on in panic – possibly their last ever. Group membership has dwindled to four – audiences aren’t much bigger – and if they don’t come up with rent, they’re going to be thrown out. “There’s only one thing that sells tickets – Sex!”.

Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama, an evening the locals will never forget! Can this group of rather special individuals pull off the biggest farce Little Grimley has ever seen? Or will they soon be disbanded, the laughing stock of the village? This play encompasses 80’s costumes, cut throat sarcasm and FULL NUDITY… or does it?

If you love watching cheery, thigh-slapping, ticklingly British comedy classics such as the Carry On films, Monty Python, The Goon Show, Absolutely Fabulous or Fawlty Towers – to name but a few well-loved favourites from a generation of  British TV – then this very British style of comedy as theatre –  is right up your street! Now in Denmark with a cosmopolitan twist!

Cast:  Dawn Wall, Dina Rosenmeier, Tom Hale, Pejman Khorsand-Jamal, Alun Thomas.

Directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Playwright: David Tristram
Hosted by: HIT
Length: 1 hr 10 minutes
Recommended from ages 12 and upwards
Højbro Plads 8-10,
1200 Copenhagen K


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The Clean House /Sep 19 – Oct 6 2019

By Sarah Ruhl

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“…as an ensemble, the acting by the cast rises superbly to reach new heights”
“…the funniest play I’ve ever seen in Copenhagen”
“Touching play resonates with us all…
Ensembles don’t come along like this very often…Masterclass in direction…”

A powerful, dramatic and magical romantic comedy
September 19th – October 6th 2019
Performing at Krudttønden, in English

Buy tickets :


Would anybody like to hear a joke?”

Brazilian comedienne Matilde, a sassy young Latina newly arrived in the U.S. finds unsurprisingly no one will pay to hear her rural jokes in Portuguese. Instead she must clean for the upper classes – specifically the unhappily- married, careerwoman Doctor Lane  – and also cope with the arrival of Lane’s fetish cleaner-sister, Virginia.

While Matilde tries to think up the world’s best joke – in Portuguese! –  instead of cleaning, she waits for better things to come , hopes to meet a soulmate, and ponders – what makes ultimately a good deathbed scene?

Meanwhile Matilde’s new employer’s household crumbles hilariously around them, with the arrival of the husband’s mistress. Charles is another highly successful surgeon and his mistress Ana,  Lane’s mysterious Argentinian rival,  is  interestingly her husband’s patient.

Apples fall, hearts are broken. Matilde finds cleaning makes her sad, but it is nothing compared to the sadness of finding your soulmate and then letting them go, in a world where we are all apparently,  outsiders looking in.

Funny, tender and emotionally rich, this is a hugely entertaining 2005 Pulitzer finalist play about the chaos of marriage, life and falling in love. With magical realism and romantic cliché, it ultimately finds humour even in sorrow.

Buy tickets :

Cast: Jens Blegaa, Isabel Escudero Zorde, Vanessa Poole, Jana Pulkrabek, Tina Robinson
Director:  Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Set Design: Jonathon Perry
Light & Sounddesign: Paul Damade
Written by: Sarah Ruhl
Produced by Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre & Manusarts

The Clean House is a HIT production, a collaboration between Down the Rabbit Hole and Manusarts.
(Photo credit: Filip Misiak Orestes)

With a highly experienced cast,  HIT ensemble regulars and the fresh face of Isabel Escudero Zorde as Matilde.

This Pulitzer Prize for Drama finalist play from 2004 written in English comes highly recommended, not only for theatre-lovers of all kinds but also for lovers and speakers of Portuguese.

Yale-based playwright Sarah Ruhl is a new, highly respected and very important award-winning contemporary American playwright , whose writing has taken the American theatre world by storm, especially with this  much-loved play. The Clean House  was her breakthrough piece and has been produced throughout Britain and North America but never in English in Scandinavia. Don’t miss this rare, beautiful and tender piece of comedic drama about loving,  living and dying.

Performing at:
Serridslevvej 2, 2100
København Ø

Performances are
September 19th – October 6th.
Tuesday – Saturday at 20:00
Sunday at 17:00
(Mondays no show)

The performance lasts about 2 hours including an interval.