Venus in Fur (in Malmö)

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Down the Rabbit Hole presents Venus in Fur by David Ives

Now as a guest performance in Malmö, hosted by Playmate Productions.

It is night-time in rainy downtown Manhattan. Thomas, a beleaguered playwright, is auditioning women to play the female lead, Vanda, in his adaptation of the classic, sadomasochistic, erotic novel Venus in Fur. What develops is an electrifying game of cat and mouse. The line blurs between play and reality. Man and woman enter into an increasingly serious game of submission and domination. Only one of them can win…

Venus in Fur has audiences giggling and glued to their seats till the breathless finalé.

This guest performance of the powerful Broadway play Venus in Fur originally opened in Copenhagen in February 2017, where it had a succesful run with six-star reviews.

Playmate Theatre, now hosting Venus in Fur in Malmö, hopes to establish a tradition of quality English-language theatre in southern Sweden.

This production is directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen.

The performance is in English.

Venue and Tickets

22nd & 23rd September at 19:00 hrs.

Teaterhuset Bastionen Norra Vallgatan 28 Malmö


Alex Lehman is an American character actor with a range of specialties including physical theatre, devising, puppetry, and motion capture. He moved to Copenhagen last year from London where he worked professionally for 5 years and studied Lecoq-based performance at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). His work in Denmark includes roles as lead puppeteer in productions with Teater Solaris (Ragnarok) and Teater Hvide Rum (Drengen, Lyset, og Rummet), stage fighting with Action Art, voices for Danish VR video game Dick Wilde, motion capture for Final Cut for Real, and of course the role of Thomas in the original run of House of International Theater’s Venus in Fur. Additional past stage roles overseas include Gus in The Dumbwaiter, Ferdinand in The Tempest, Octave in Signor Nicodemo, and Cocoliche in The Tragicomedy of Don Cristobal and Seña Rosita.

Malmö-based British actress Vanessa Poole lives in Sweden and played Max’s mother for SVT in the TV series Max’s Movie. In Denmark, she has been directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen and  received critical acclaim on stage in The Dining Room, PygmalionElsie and Norm’s ‘Macbeth’ (2016), Venus in Fur (2017) and Lovers, Authors & Other Strangers (2017). Vanessa has also played in The City (Why Not Theatre, 2013) and was named “# 3 English Language Trailblazer 2015” by the Copenhagen Post. In Malmö Vanessa has appeared for ITM in The Shawl, Far Away, Unveiling and The Stronger. Vanessa played the female lead in Playmate Theatre’s Talking Heads at Bastionen in May, for Playmate Theatre. Now Vanessa returns to Bastionen to reprise her role as Vanda Jordan.

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