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Available as repertoire for touring:

The Clean House
by Sarah Ruhl


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“…as an ensemble, the acting by the cast rises superbly to reach new heights”
“…the funniest play I’ve ever seen in Copenhagen”
“Touching play resonates with us all…
Ensembles don’t come along like this very often…Masterclass in direction…”

“…hilarious and dramatic all rolled up into one sensational play with professional and humorous actors! What a win to find theatre in English – great for our Internationals…. not to be missed and a definite thumbs up from The International!”
(The International Denmark Magazine)

“HIT does it again! English theatre in the heart of Copenhagen. Brilliant performance of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House”.
( Danish Life Magazine)

(all photos by Filip Orestes)

The Urban Hunt – by Malte Frid-Nielsen, available in English and Danish. One city-dweller’s powerful, touching and funny journey into foraging for survival in the urban desert of life. A tour de force by Malte of physical and text-based theatre.

Elsie and Norm’s MacBeth – hilarious British comedy and 26 costume changes. Shakespheare as you’ve  never seen it in the living room of a sweet little Yorkshire couple  determined to give the Bard his due over beans on toast! With brilliant performances that will have you in fits.

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