Breakneck Hamlet

Down the Rabbit Hole is proud to present a guest performance by Tim Mooney:

Breakneck HamletBNS_black

Breakneck Hamlet is “recklessly sliced” from Shakespeare’s original, cutting what is usually a four-hour play down to a single hour with a single actor. Tim Mooney’s “breakneck performance” reveals Hamlet as a thrilling chameleon, with an immense intellectual capacity and a hilarious, wicked sense of humor. Rather than the usual melancholy Dane, Mooney’s Hamlet fights like hell throughout, with barely a second-long pause through the entire performance.

Reviewers have said:

“[Mooney] gives prominence to the recurring themes so much so that it’s as if they are lit up in neon lights… a whirlwind of wonderful. Hold on to your seats and watch a master at his work.” Lee Hartman,
“Brilliant… [Mooney] knows his Shakespeare forwards, backwards and out-of-context… He seamlessly throws in asides, explanations and famous lines as he whirls to the play’s conclusion.” Jodie Jacobs,
“Astonishing… a concise cliff-hanger… Gestures are precise, elaborate and underlined by stark changes in vocal tone… an assured and lively adaptation.” Jay Harvey

Read more about the play at Tim Mooney’s website.


Time: Sunday, the 26th of June 17:00 (2016)

Ticket price: 50kr. Order your tickets at Place2Book now!

Venue: A Touch of Vintage, Badstuestræde 12, 1209 København K.

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