Elsie and Norm’s ”Macbeth”

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Photo by Nathan Woods

A comedy written by John Christopher-Wood

In Elsie and Norm’s “Macbeth” you are invited to join English ex-pat couple, Elsie and Norm in their living room for a cup of tea and some culture. Usually they like to spend the evening playing Trivial Pursuit, but this time they have decided instead to treat you to a performance of Shakespeare’s classic play Macbeth. However, in their opinion Shakespeare’s script is too long and wordy, his poetry is rubbish (it doesn’t even rhyme) and the play has way too many characters, so they’ve simplified the original text, and play all roles themselves. Using the entire space to create the story’s magical underworld and dark castle, they use the things they have on hand to create their set; a bookshelf becomes a heath, potted plants turn into forests and tea sets turn into royal banquets. Elsie (played by Vanessa Poole) and Norm (played by Jens Blegaa) skillfully perform the various roles from Ladies to Lords and messengers to Kings. The audience ends up sitting in the middle of Macbeth’s castle while the show goes on around them. Macbeth is transformed into a fun and eccentric experience that the audience will remember for a very long time.

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KOP Kultur awarded the show four stars out of six. Read the review on Facebook (in Danish) here.

Michael Svennevig said in his review:

It’s a lot of fun and well worth an evening out. […] Everyone dies but Shakespeare survives, as he has survived so much else. And so does the audience, with smiles on their lips.

Read his complete review (in Danish) here.

CPHCulture.dk also gave the show four stars out of six.

[…] ELSIE AND NORM’S MACBETH is a festive archetypically English comedy that enchants in Jeremy Thomas Poulsen’s dynamic and richly detailed staging.
But he also has two talented and charming actors at his disposal, who with almost tireless ingenuity make us love Elsie and Norm, while simultaneously bringing the characters of the Shakespearean drama to life. […]
Copenhagen has a new exuberant English-language theatre company. I for one bid them a resounding “welcome”!

Read the whole CPHCulture review (in Danish) here.

CPHPost gave the show five stars out of six.

The detailed tongue-in-cheek props – which included Lady Macbeth’s butter knife and a Swedish copper glögg set for the witch’s cauldron – added an additional sprinkle of hilarity to a play strewn with thick and fast gags.

And with energetic performances from Poole and Blegaa, even the Macbeths – the most dysfunctional duo in literary history – appeared loveable.

Read the whole CPHPost review here.


Original performance dates: 4 – 27 May 2016, on Thursdays and Fridays at 20:00.

The show was also presented as part of the CPH Stage Festival on Friday 10 June at 20:00 and Saturday 11 June at 15:00.

The show will be going on tour to several locations outside Copenhagen in the Fall of 2016. If you are interested in booking the show, please contact us at info@rabbithole.dk.

The newest performance dates for Elsie and Norm’s “Macbeth” are 16 and 17 September 2016 on the Channel island of Jersey, and 11 November 2016 at Roskilde Bibliotek. Please write to info@rabbithole.dk if you want to know more about these shows.


The show was originally presented at A Touch of Vintage, Badstuestræde 12, 1209 København K.


Download the press release in English (PDF).

Download the press release in Danish (PDF).

Download the poster (PDF).

Production Support

The original run of the show was made possible by the support of Københavns Scenekunstudvalg.


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