Talking Heads

May 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole presents A Playmate Production based on the BBC production Talking Heads by Alan Bennett

Directed by Annalisa Rossi

Lesley (played by Vanessa Poole)

The playwright Alan Bennett is one of the brightest intellects of contemporary British writing with credits such as Beyond the Fringe, The Lady in the Van (2015, starring Maggie Smith), The History Boys and The Madness of George III.

His series of monologues Talking Heads is one of the BBC’s most iconic and hilarious cult tv classics and social realism at its grimly humorous best. The texts are as relevant today as when Bennett first wrote these monologues for television in the 1980’s and 90’s, and they arguably represent his finest writing ever.

Three seasoned Malmö-based British actors have now put their heads together to adapt three of these Alan Bennett monologues for the stage.

Graham (played by Robin Gott)

Poignant, side-splitting, these witty confessions of oh-so-human wannabes and yearning, will have you laughing out loud as you wipe a tear away.

Music by Claudio Rosati Photography by Diego Monsivais

The play lasts 1hr 30 minutes. A Teaching Pack about the play Talking Heads for highschool/ university students of drama/ literature is available.

Check out the trailer on YouTube.


Vanessa Poole – Lesley, the has-been starlet cast in bikini B-movies of the shadier sort.

Kevin Benn – Alec, the faded antiques dealer who despite his best intentions misses the deal of a lifetime.

Robin Gott – Graham, the closeted Mummy’s boy, in his plastic mac and sandals.

Performances in Copenhagen

Alec the antiques dealer (played by Kevin Benn)

Thursday 27 April at 19:00

Friday 28 April at 19:00

Saturday 29 April at 19:00

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