Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to our 2020 season in Copenhagen.  As a small cast, professional, English-speaking theatre company, we are now entering our fourth successful year in the region.
We at Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre want to be your hosts as you explore the worlds we create for you, in the theatre, on stage, and in interesting spaces, tailor-fit to the stories we tell.

Over the last 12 months, by collaborating with  the HIT platform,  we have enjoyed sell out shows with the 3 plays in our Pinter trilogy, “The Lover”,  “Party Time” and in 2020  our steamy  version of “Old Times”.  A successful international guest production from Sweden “The Goat or Who is Sylvia?” came over in spring 2019.  Our big production of the season, Sarah Ruhl’s beautifully staged “The Clean House” brought in a larger number of audiences than ever before for us at Down the Rabbit Hole, in Autumn 2019.  Our recurring humour Xmas Special in December which brought the house down was David Sedaris’ “Santaland Diaries”.  As did another hosted guest production, the farcical  comedy “Last Tango in Little Grimley”.

Now along with all other theatres in Denmark, due to the ramifications of Covid-19, much is put on hold – including our participation in the International Festival  Days under CPH Stage 2020, where we had planned to host three international  guest productions from the UK, Israel and Australia,  plus present two Down the Rabbit Hole plays  of our own. Our spring 2020 play “Tender Napalm” is cancelled.

However,  undaunted we look forward to another exciting live season with our audiences, starting up again hopefully in Autumn 2020 and with an international tour of “Old Times” plus of course new work.
In the meantime we are working to bring some of the Rabbit Hole talent to online performances instead. So far  we have successfully participated in an online play-reading performance of David Lankford’s pandemic dystopian play “Night of the Living” in April 2020, for audiences who tuned in from half a dozen countries.

When you come down the rabbit hole with us you may end up sitting in someone’s living room, sharing tea or hearing a familiar story told afresh. Help us explore unexpected places, discover the visual and theatrical landscapes that await. Each journey is as unique as the story, and each story as intriguing as the journey.

You never know where we might take you or what you will find, but we hope that the journey will be one you remember.


Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Artistic Director | The White Rabbit

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