About Us

Down The Rabbit Hole is a Copenhagen based  international theatre company focused on promoting English language performing arts, innovative initiatives,  and multicultural dynamics. Down The Rabbit Hole presents international theatre that is unique, daring and engaging. Performances are primarily in English.

How it all began

Down the Rabbit Hole (DTRH) was established in 2016, with our first professional site-specific production Elsie and Norm’s ‘Macbeth’ and hosting the internationally-recognized guest production of Breakneck Hamlet.

In February 2017, DTRH presented Venus in Fur at our new venue on the top floor of Huset:KBH, under the shared-platform House of International Theatre. Hereby, we also collaborated on presenting Det Kolde Bord in their first English version; Playmate Theatre Malmo’s Talking Heads; and a mini-international festival for Cph Stage, presenting international guest productions of The Stronger (Brazil) and the contemporary opera Mozart and Salieri (Great Britain). The shared platform also presented staged-readings, warm up events and a laboratory for international artists to network and create new projects with local artists.

In 2017-18, DTRH continued our collaboration with the shared platform and produced the devised piece A Patriot’s Guide to America, a comedy based on the work of Anton Chekhov called Vanya, Sonja, Masha and Spike, and an experimental physical theatre performance The Urban Hunt, about how far one might go in order to eat meat. Under the shared platform, we also continued to develop programs such as, HIT for Kids, warm ups and a stage-reading series.

In 2018-19, we ventured out on our own and returned to our roots of doing innovative theatre in unique locations. We focused this season on developing a trilogy of work by the English playwright Harold Pinter. The first production was an immersive theatre version of Party Time, directed by Michael Wighton, followed by a co-production with Manusarts to present a genderswapping version of The Lover.

The 2019-20 season, saw our first venue collaboration with Krudttønden and then later with Matrikel 1. We started by co-producing together with Manuarts, the American comedy The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl. Followed by our gay holiday monologue The Santaland Diaries, and finished our Pinter Trilogy with Old Times. We also hosted the guest productions of Last Tango in Little Grimley; Glad Teater’s Your Eyes, My SightSmil Belinda, along with a workshop by Delia Trice; and an online digital theatre project bringing together 6 playwrights from throughout Europe to collaborate on create innovative digital theatre diaries.

The 2020-21 season started with a series of staged-readings and a collaboration with the italian artists Delia Trice and Copenhagen Pride. We then went together with Bøssehuset (The Gay House) in Christiania to create a season of LGBTQ+ inclusive theatre. We started with the double bill of The Shy Manifesto, starring Daniel Niel Ash and Harry Clarke, and followed by Southern Bedfellows, directed by Christopher Berdal. This season also saw a return to a mini-international festival for CphStage, where we presented Moira Finucane’s The Rapture (AU) and Ferrodo Bridges’ The White Plague(UK), along with a remount of our successful Shy Manifesto. 

Our 2021-22 season, kicked off with a bang by us helping to establish a brand new festival for queer theatre, Cph Queer. The festival was a collaboration between Lars Werner and DTRH’s  artistic director Jeremy M. Thomas, together with Folketeatret and World Pride and Eurogames 2021, with performances at Folketeatret, The Danish Royal Theatre and throughout the city during World Pride. This was followed by our sold out performances of Berghain, which was double-billed with Feminine Octagon, both performing at Bøssehuset, and The Money Shot, which premiered at Folketeatret and will be remounted at Krudttønden in May, 2022.

Down The Rabbit Hole has received funding from : 

  • Statens Kunstfond
  • A. P. Møller Foundation
  • Nordic Culture Foundation
  • Consul Jorck Foundation
  • Nordea Fund
  • Oticon Fund
  • Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen
  • Municipality of Copenhagen

The Team

FOUNDER & Artistic Director

Jeremy M. Thomas

Jeremy is a co- founder of Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre and Vice President of the board of the Danish Directors Union, with a Master of Fine Arts in Directing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and over 10 years of professional directorial experience, working primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a collaborative leader, with a strong sense for language and his artistic work focuses on re-imagining text-based theatre through experimentation and new play development through a unique concept of creative co-creation. His most notable work is The Shy Manifesto (2020), The Clean House (2019) and Old Times (2020.)
He also has a love for poetry and plays development in the Spoken Word genre, where he developed Teater Ord/Blindt (Word/Blind) together with Rasmus Rhode.


PR & Communication

Dina Rosenmeier

Danish actress Dina Rosenmeier is trained at the Sa Nau Teatro School in Spain, The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, Larry Moss Studio and Stella Adler in Los Angeles. She is a dedicated volunteer children’s rights activist and works internationally in theatre, film and television. Some of her credits include Criminal Minds (television), The WriterFuelReality Check (film), Miss JulieBateau Lavoir de PicassoHedda GablerThe StrongerNo Exit -Reloaded, Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike, Old Times and The Money Shot by Neil LaBute. (theatre). 
For press & communication inquiries please contact : PR@rabbithole.dk


Jonas Schou Hansen 

Jonas is Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre’s administrator and accountant. He makes sure the company’s finances, payroll, administration and so on are in order, and works together with the artistic director on fundraising for and developing projects. Jonas has worked as a freelance producer since 2021, and has specialised in project realization, administration and financial management. Through his company, he helps different artists develop projects, find collaborators and partners and secure financing. He also handles tasks within administration, payroll, accounting and financial management. 


Karl Heding

Karl Heding is a Brazilian-born composer and sound artist currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. His main focus lies with the performance of sound and music, as well as the ways we interact with sound and music as listeners. Manifested often through music of an electronic and experimental nature, he uses programming environments to design his own systems for sound generation and processing for interaction, performance and audience participation. Karl currently works as a sound designer for theatre and has composed, performed and exhibited works for exhibitions throughout Denmark. www.karlheding.sonicakt.dk


Igor Halicki

Igor Halicki is a Polish-born visual artist and MSc. Lighting Designer working in Copenhagen. In his works he merges nature-inspired lighting with digitally processed images to create ever-changing compositions and enhance atmosphere of the space. https://www.igorhalicki.com/

Down The Rabbit Hole Board Members

Jens Blegaa

Jens is a Danish actor who has worked in theatre, film, and television since 1992. On stage his many roles include George Gershwin in Barry McKenna’s musical about the Gershwin brothers ’S Wonderful (2004), the title role in Ronald Harwood’s The Dresser (1999), and Henry Higgins in Pygmalion (2015). Jens has also directed a number of plays for the Copenhagen Theatre Circle, including Pride & Prejudice (2018), which was nominated for CPHCULTURE’s Best Adaptation of a Classic award. Among his screen credits are appearances in the Danish movies Reconstruction, Manden bag Døren, and the award winning independent horror movie Victim of Love, as well as appearances in the TV series Klovn and Herrens Veje. For Down the Rabbit Hole and HIT he has performed in Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth (2016), Sex and Betrayal – Between the Sheets (2017), Lovers Authors and Other Strangers (2017), Venus in Fur (2018), and The Clean House (2019).

Susanne Danig

Performing arts producer, mentor for the performing arts field, management Consultant and international innovator. Owner Danig Performing Arts Service www.danig.dk and BIRCA Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists www.birca.org . Previously director of the Danish ITI Center and manager for several Danish theatres as well as producer for the two Danish festivals: Asteroid Festival and Waves Festival and responsible for hosting the Nordic Performing Arts Days 14. Susanne has international expertise in creating festivals and in developing arts institutions, and has also been a consultant at the Danish Arts Foundation. President of the International Festival Forum/ITI and member of IETM for many years. Susanne has a degree in Comparative Litterature and Modern Culture Studies from University of Copenhagen and has studied at Shippenburgs University in USA and at Sorbonne in France, and holds a diploma in Leadership.

Lisbet Andersen 

Lisbet is a lawyer specializing in branding, copyright and other types of intellectual property and works as a partner in Aumento Law Firm in Copenhagen. She loves theatre and has been involved in theatre work for many years, mostly off stage but occasionally also on stage.
Lisbet holds a degree in international business from Copenhagen Business School and provides advice to startups at the business school on a regular basis.
She has two grown-up children, and apart from theatre her interests include sailing.

Jens Laugesen 

Jens Laugesen has for many years worked in Financial Services delivering complex IT projects to Danish and global customers. Main focus is to optimize value to the customers from the solutions delivered. Jens is an enthusiastic theatre person spending a lot of time seeing different shows. Working in a global community the existence of English speaking theatre is very important for Jens to support to ensure that the English language is as broadly founded in society as possible. 

Caroline McSweeney

Caroline McSweeney is an Irish theater director based in Denmark. She is Artistic Director of Locus Theater Company (IRE) which is dedicated to cross disciplinary performance, international collaborations devised physical theater and site specific performances. Caroline has worked with Team Teatret Herning and was Co-Artistic Director with Jens August Wille of Teater Monentum Odense. Caroline is also the foremost tutor in Viewpoints/ Devising across Scandinavia. 

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If you are interested in interning with us, please contact: www.rabbithole.dk