Wednesday 4th December only
19:30 hrs

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A mythical, mysterious and fragmented performance about a life in the dark, interpreted by 4 different playwrights.

A moving and powerful interpretation of the personal experiences, hopes and dreams of Anne Sophie Lübeck, Glad Teater’s blind ensemble actor.

YOUR EYES MY SIGHT takes the audience by the hand and leads them through the fantasies of childhood, the longings of youth and the realities of adult life. It is an eye-opening tour de force that delves further and further into deep, deep darkness.  … And in the dark, remember, we all look alike.

Produced by: Glad Teater
Serridslevvej 2
2100 KBH Ø

This performance is the English version of DIT BLIK MIT SYN, performed in January 2019.

Duration: 90 min Recommended from ages 14 and up

Performance is in English

Cast: Anna Sophie Lübeck and Dan Roland Lund

Playwrights: Alexandra Moltke Johansen, Magnus Iuel Berg, Thea Kulavig and Tomas Lagermand Lundme

Director: Lars Werner Thomsen

Set Design: Johan Kølkjær

Sound Design: Rune Abel

Translation of script: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
(Photos by Soren Meisner)

About Glad Teater 
Glad Teater is a Danish theatre ensemble for actors with disabilities. As such they have more than 10 years’ experience creating learning and production frameworks for the theatre. Glad Teater performances in addition to playing in Copenhagen, tour regularly around the major cities of Denmark, as well as at national and international festivals.

Their Outreach program seeks to unite their actors with especially primary school students, in projects that combine theatre and storytelling.Through their events, Glad Teater believe in developing new ways of reaching out to and meeting audiences and thereby present Inclusive Art and its possibilities, whether through live streaming of a performance, a chat event, a stage production, or something else entirely.  

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