Directed By: Jeremy Thomas-Bøgsted
Written By: John Christopher-Wood
Date: May 2016

Jens Blegaa And Vanessa Poole

A Touch Of Vintage, Copenhagen


“Elsie and Norm’s ‘Macbeth’” by John Christopher-Wood a comical re-telling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death. Elsie and Norm invite you into their living room for tea and a little culture. They have decided to perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth for you, but they believe that Shakespeare’s poetry is not very good and there are too many roles, so they have made some changes. You will be joining Elsie and Norm on their hilarious retelling of Shakespeare’s most murderous of tales, while the play unfolds around you. Elsie and Norm’s “Macbeth” is a fun and eccentric experience that you just can’t miss – the funniest tragedy you’ll see all year! Performing at “A Touch of Vintage,” Badstuestræde 12, right off of the pedestrian street in the heart of Copenhagen.


Language: Performance is in English