Do not miss “The Art of Urgency” workshop with Moira Finucane, the internationally acclaimed legend of performance and gothic glamazon, queer burlesque legend, art vs extinction scientist,and writer-creator of radically hospitable and provocative ‘salons of humanity’ Moira FINUCANE is coming to Copenhagen for the first time to join the Down The Rabbit Hole Program for CPH Stage.


Her two day workshop The Art of Urgency explores creating from what is most urgent, most visceral and most powerful for the artist right now. It’s for any kind of creator, from writer to cabaret artist to composers and musicians.

The workshop opens up a hot tool kit in the artists; part generation of new work, part finding and blessing our inner beast, part seeing others and ourselves anew and answering some practical and philosophical burning questions, as we strive to make art in a world that teeters on the edge of the abyss.


When : June 6 and 7


Where : 📍 LiteraturHaus, Møllegade 7 – Copenhagen



One day participation: 450 DKK

Two day participation: 795 DKK


“I am speechless. I have just experienced something extraordinary. If you’ve never seen a Moira Finucane performance, you’ve probably never seen anything like it… buy your tickets now; in seeing this show you will feel like you’re making history.” Weekend Notes, Australia


“Moira Finucane is a national treasure” The Age, Australia


“The extraordinary Moira Finucane is unclassifiable as talented… her look is sharp, but full of vitality; she knows how to describe aspects of the contemporary world.” La Nacion, Argentina


“Finucane is ‘the original’ of our time. The Rapture challenges ignorance, caresses the innocent foreheads of all children and ignites the healing of humanity.” ***** 5 stars Theatre People, Australia


“Moira Finucane is the superdiva, gender is shaken, this is a permanent provocation” Clarin, Argentina


“She comes to life in the full complexity of emotion, vulnerability, love and evil, often all at the same time. She creates a new world, a new essence of woman” Mesto Zensk, Slovenia


“Moira Finucane dazzles from the power of dialogue and great performance … for those that have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel Finucane & Smith changed all that before were fears and taboos into ‘total art, total love and total freedom.’ Cuba Tribune


“Exquisite. Here, Moira Finucane channels every god and devil that’s ever been worshipped or dismissed as she explores the love and despair that makes humans search for more than what we think we are.” Sometimes Melbourne


“Her performance is more honest, evocative and inspiring than it ever has been before … Moira Finucane is considered a national treasure in Australia and this sublime show perfectly explains why.” My About Town


“The show seamlessly transforms from one sequence to another in a manner which elicits a stream of consciousness and encourages a more visceral response to the material … Finucane’s ideas are provocative and she is never apologetic for the forcefulness with which they are delivered.” Australian Stage


“A fabulous, overflowing, disturbing uncanny cult … Finucane feels completely uninhibited letting the power of her words and her purpose transform her body in each moment of her performance” Artshub


“Moira Finucane is one of the wildest, most exotic, seductive, terrifying performers you’ll ever see.” Books and Arts Radio National


“Extraordinary, visceral, unique, exciting” London Calling UK