Directed by Jeremy M. Thomas
May 18 – June 10

Join us for the World Premiere of The Disappeared. Artist Nova Duh, last seen in Copenhagen at The CPH Queer Theatre Festival in the cabaret at Folketeatret returns with the personal and touching performance.

The Disappeared tells the story of a queer voice who is the victim of rigid politics and forced to exile during a government coup in South America. Come along to a wild, fun, sexy and queer cabaret and experience what happens on the night, when a regime change takes place and the world is turned upside down. Be there for the final moments of joy and artistic expression before the burlesque performer is kicked out of their own country.

It is the true story of one persons journey from Chile to Denmark via Mexico to reclaim their voice after having been robbed of both freedom and identity.

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Edinburg Fringe Festival

1 August 2024 – 26 August 2024

Time: 13:45 ( 70 mins )

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‘The Disappeared’ press photography 📸 by Henrik Uth

Artist and Performer Nova Duh

“When I’m on stage I mix burlesque with themes about machismo, transfeminism, gender violence and sexuality. I represent through my tales my vision and experience as a Latino queer. Basically, I undress against patriarchy and the injustice it has caused in our societies.” – Nova Duh

‘The Disappeared’ press photography 📸 by Henrik Uth

Musician and Composer Josh Herring

“I’m a Songwriter and performer, with a background in composition. I write songs in my kitchen using a Yamaha Portasound and drum kits built from kitchen stuff. My music, whether with lyrics or without, is always melodic. I sing, and experiment with melody, chords and rhythm until I find something that excites me. I see making music as carving a sculpture – you have to keep chipping away until the right shapes and curves are found. My sound comes from a place of curiosity, and a joy of creating something new. My songs have been published by Sony and used in TV and films internationally. I have also been featured on international radio including BBC 6 music.” – Josh Herring

Director’s Note and Reviews

The Disappeared starring Nova Duh, a mega star in the clubs of London and Berlin;  Fusion Festival, Ballhaus Berlin, Schuwtz, Kitkat Club, Gegen , Torture Garden og Quuerokee  to name a few, now brings us their personal and true story about the journey from Chile to Denmark via Mexico. Nova is accompanied on stage by the charismatic Josh Herring who has composed the marvellous score and plays live during the performance.


“I am excited to be able to work with the talented, current and exciting burlesque artist Nova Duh. Nova has experienced a lot in their time as a queer artist in Latin America, from regime change in Chile that forced them to flee back to Mexico, to hate crimes in Mexico that forced them to travel to Europe. The Disappeared is an autobiographical account of Nova’s life in the footsteps of the voices who, like themselves, had to flee or lose their voice. They had to disappear. The performance is in 3 acts, and starts with a tribute to Latin cabaret and queer burlesque and ends with the hate crimes Nova experienced in San Cristobal Mexico. In act 2, you travel through the history of Nova’s life, you travel back to the beginning to find the roots of their passion for protest. And in the 3rd act you relive, together with Nova, the night in Chile when the police broke into the nightclub and arrested everyone. Nova was threatened and forced them to flee for survival.” – Jeremy M Thomas


Do not miss this heartfelt and important cabaret. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Director Jeremy Thomas Bøgsted smartly opted for a total theatre experience allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the show banging on the ‘cacerolazos’ – saucepans for those of you struggling with the Latin American pottery context.” – Leticia Bossi ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ CPH Post


“It is a joy to experience Nova Duh in “The Disappeared” in LiteraturHaus in Møllegade in Nørrebro, but it is also challenging. I’ve rarely experienced such a thoroughly ovulating form of nudity. Nova Duh is not a man in women’s clothing, nor a woman in men’s clothing. She is neither man nor woman, but both with such great naturalness that it in a liberating way breaks all boundaries.” – Michael Svennevig