Directed by Sam McArdle

A dark comedy about an Irish male nanny who works for rich single mums in West London. In it, Manny is enjoying a Peter Pan-esque lifestyle of well-paid cash in hand work & settling for meaningless dates with women who harmonise happy birthday with their eyes closed, just to disguise himself from the fact that he’s letting life go by without following any real purpose, or allowing himself to really feel anything substantial or lasting.

Throughout the story, he meets Molly, an actress disillusioned with life, as she sells beetroot brownies in Borough market, as opposed to playing Cleopatra on Broadway, and becomes an unlikely role model for Michael, a 7 year old spoilt, seemingly irredeemable product of a loveless marriage.

 All three characters face a potential future of unrequited dreams, and all three will have their lives changed by the events that occur.


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Medvirkende: Sam McArdle

Producenter: Jeremy M. Thomas, Dina Rosenmeier

Dramatiker, forfatter: Sam McArdle

Producent: Down the Rabbit Hole

Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole