Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to our 2020 season in Copenhagen.  As a small cast, professional, English-speaking theatre company, we are now entering our fourth successful year in the region. We at Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre want to be your hosts as you explore the worlds we create for you, on stage and in interesting spaces, tailor-fit to the stories we tell.

When you come down the rabbit hole with us you may end up sitting in someone’s living room, sharing tea and hearing a familiar story told afresh, or you may explore unexpected places, discovering the visual and theatrical landscapes that await you. Each journey is as unique as the story, and each story as intriguing as the journey.

You never know where we might take you or what you will find, but we hope that the journey will be one you remember.
2020 opens with Old Times , a conflict-charged erotic play by the master playwright himself, Harold Pinter.


Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Artistic Director | The White Rabbit

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let us take you to unexpected places