Down the Rabbit Hole

We at Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre want to be your hosts as you explore the worlds we create for you, in the theatre, on stage, and in interesting spaces, tailor-fit to the stories we tell.

Along with all other theatres in Denmark, due to the ramifications of Covid-19, much is put on hold – including our participation in the International Festival  Days under CPH Stage 2020, where we, as part of the HIT-Cph platform, had planned to host three international  guest productions from the UK, Israel and Australia,  plus present two Down the Rabbit Hole plays  of our own.
However we now look forward to another exciting live season with our audiences, starting up again. Keep an eye out here for updates.

This season Down the Rabbit Hole is focusing part of its season on plays in celebration of Worldpride 2021, which will be held in Copenhagen in the summer 2021 and where we will perform. Our exciting programme of one-man full length plays at Bøssehuset, Christiania, played to critical acclaim with an extended run due to popular demand:

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Harry Clarke & The Shy Manifesto

When you come down the rabbit hole with us you may end up sitting in someone’s living room, sharing tea or hearing a familiar story told afresh. Help us explore unexpected places, discover the visual and theatrical landscapes that await. Each journey is as unique as the story, and each story as intriguing as the journey.

You never know where we might take you or what you will find, but we hope that the journey will be one you remember.


Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Artistic Director | The White Rabbit

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Down the Rabbit Hole performances will be held with the utmost concern for health and safety, following all current Danish state guidelines. The use of face masks by the audience is encouraged. Hand sanitizers will be provided. Audience is limited in size to 30 seats.

let us take you to unexpected places